Improving the employability of young people is essential to ensure their successful transition to the labor market and access to career-opening employment.

In order to achieve your goals, your job search strategy must be realistic and in line with the job market but also with your personal and professional choices.

The colossal development of the means of telecommunication, the rapid evolution of the internet and privatization have changed the landscape of the job market.

Our research networks :

– Job sites : Keejob,Tanit job.. Internet recruitment sites are the order of the day given the rapid spread of the tool and the ease of access.

– Social networks : LinkedIn, Facebook: In an age where we are constantly connected to our phones, recruiters have found a solution to recruit new talent: What could be better than social networks to exchange with potential candidates? A message, a post, a click and you are connected in no time.

– International Portals (,, Michael…)

– Employment offices : BNEC TUNIS (Bureau National D’emploi Des Cadres TUNIS); ANETI (Agence National pour l’Emploi et le Travail Indépendant); The regional employment offices…

– Spontaneous application : It is an approach aimed at offering one’s skills to targeted companies that have not necessarily made a need to hire personnel known. Moreover, in the eyes of employers, a person who aims to offer his or her professional skills is more motivated than someone who passively waits for classified ads to appear.

– Exhibitions, forums, open days : It is always recommended to follow the events related to recruitment. This will allow you to closely follow the evolution of the job market and to get an idea of the economic situation.

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