– Why?
Skill and performance assessment is one of the key functions of team management and HRM. It is a primary lever to appreciate, estimate and measure individual contributions, activities performed and potential for evolution.

We provide you with assessment tools to help you define the reference profile for your organization; but also to ensure the competencies and the conformity of the pre-selected candidate with the position to be filled.

– For whom?
Our assessments are designed to assess a candidate’s skills and attitudes in the context of:

  • Assistance with recruitment
  • An internal assessment of skills
  • Promotion, internal mobility
  • Career management
  • Your current employees: verification of their skills.

– Where
The assessment tests take place at our agency, presented by one of our CRIT experts.

– How?
We use a psychometric assessment solution Central Test which is, recognized worldwide due to its reliable tools and quality coaching in recruitment and talent management.

The candidate or employee takes the test corresponding to the profile sought online accompanied by a consultant for an in-depth interview. A detailed report is then sent to the client.

We follow your integration throughout your trial period

We advise and guide you on the job market